Chichester Zen Judo Club

A Traditional Judo Style
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By Invitation. Please contact Sensei Martin Robertson for training times and dates.

See the Facebook Page for any updates.

Club Venue:

The Club meets at The New Park Centre (Old Dojo) in Chichester. All ages and abilities are catered for and beginners are always made welcome. Please take a look at the rest of the site for more information about the club and Zen Judo in general.

Chichester Zen Judo Club

Chichester Zen Judo Club is part of  The Zen Judo Family (ZJF) and affiliated to The British Zen Judo Family Association (BZJFA) and International Gentle-Arts Society.

Chief Instructor: The Chief Instructor of the Club is Martin Robertson 4th Dan (ZJF) and 2nd Dan (BZJFA). Martin started Zen Judo at Felpham Zen Judo Club with his sister and parents at the age of 10 under Sensei’s John Wingham 2nd Dan and Jo Winslow 4th Dan. After a short break he was awarded his Black Belt by Sensei Val Churchill 7th Dan in 2005 and his 4th Dan by Sensei Phil Watts in 2012. Martin is the Assistant Instructor at Bognor Regis Zen Judo Club and has also assisted at various Zen Judo Clubs in the area.

Assistant Instructor: Jon Taylor 1st Dan (ZJF) started training at Bognor Regis Zen Judo Club in 2006 and gained his Black belt under Sensei John Robertson 4th Dan (ZJF).

Our Origins:

Timeline & Evolution of Zen Judo.

Dr Jigoro Kano (1860-1938) founded Kodokan Judo in Tokyo in 1882.

Kano Jigoro: (1860 - 1938)  

Japanese founder of Kodokan  judo.

Due to a weak constitution, Kano began practicing the Japanese martial art jujitsu at the age of 20. He soon incorporated his philosophy of mental and physical training with aspects of jujitsu and other martial arts to develop what he called judo (Japanese for "gentle way"). In 1882 in Shitaya, Tokyo, he founded Kodokan, his first dojo with only nine pupils. In 1885 Kano went to Great Britain to popularise judo in the West. By the time of his death in 1938, judo had over 100,000 black belt practitioners.

Kano Jigoro: (1860 - 1938) Japanese founder of Kodokan Judo.

Kenshiro Abe (7th Dan) & Bill Woods (2nd Dan) founded the British Judo Council in 1958.

Kenshiro Abe (7th Dan) founded Kyu Shin Do.

Dominick McCarthy (8th Dan Zen) founded The Zen Judo Family in 1974 (Petersfield Zen Judo Club).

Roger Lewis (4th Dan Zen) founded Chichester Zen Judo Club.

John Wingham (2nd Dan Zen) & Jo Winslow (4th Dan Zen) founded Felpham Zen Judo Club.

John Robertson (1st Dan Zen) founded Bognor Regis Zen Judo Club on 1st March 2004.

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